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Pear Cake

Cooking time: 30-55 minutes


350 g shortcrust pastry

3 firm pears

lemon juice 15 ml (1 tbsp)

peach brandy or water, 60 ml (4 tbsp)

peach jam

For the filling:

90 g blanched whole almonds

50 g sugar

65 g butter

1 egg + egg white

a few drops of almond essence

В В Instructions: There was a guest of her daughter (she lives in England), where he tasted this cake, which she cooks quite regularly. And her family and me very much. Very good with coffee.

Roll out the dough, put in shape, chill out. Mix almonds with sugar in a blender to a state of fine grains, but not paste. Add butter and mix until creamy, then add egg whites and almond essence and mix well.

Pears to clean, cut in half, remove core and rub with lemon juice. Put the halves round side up on a board and thinly slice diagonally, without separating cloves. Put the dough in the almond filling. Poddevaya bottom with a knife, to dissolve pears parts in a fan and passed on the cake, having like the spokes of a wheel. Oven 50-55 minutes. at a temperature of 190 degrees.

Cool on wire rack. Heating brandy (water) with jam, smear them a hot cake for the formation of the sugar crust.

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