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Sponge cake with cream and fruit Tavrian


В В Description: baking

Source: Larisa

Cooking time: about 3 hours

Ingredients: Sponge:

- Eggs, 6 pieces

- Sugar 1.5 cm (at the rate of about a cup = 200 grams)

- Flour 1.5 Art

Syrup for soaking sponge:

- Water 1.5 Art

- 1 tablespoon sugar

- 1-2 tablespoons brandy

- Lemon juice 1-2 tsp


- Flush. butter 300 gr

- Condensed milk 1 jar

- Walnuts (optional)


- Bananas, 3 pcs.

- Kiwi 3 pc.

- Strawberry 3 pcs.

Lemon jelly 1 pack

В В Instructions:В

The results of the photo. Murdered while the style of the! Bon Appetit!

For the first time decided to do just the cake and to please her husband after a trip. Success! All done over the telephone instructions from a friend's cook. Decided to share as well as really tasty.

1. Cooked condensed milk. Cooked 2 hours on low heat, adding water as necessary to the bank was not bare. After cooling it naturally (near window)

2. Make the batter. 6 eggs (with yolks and whites) broke into a bowl. There also added 1.5 Art. sugar and start beating with a mixer. Mixer speed does not matter, I banged on the biggest. When the weight has increased to, say, more than twice (+ completely melted grains of sugar), beginning slowly add the flour, continuing to beat with a mixer. More in the batter did not add anything, the chef said that it makes no sense. Poured the finished dough in a detachable form. Happened about two centimeters in height. The form of oil does not! Oil on the walls will not give up biscuits.

Until dough lit the gas oven, so she warmed. Biscuit cook at 180-200 degrees. My oven is not enough that the gas, even the old, so I do not see the temperature. I'm just a little screwed gas from full power. Placed in the middle. Bake for exactly 30 minutes without opening the by no means the oven.

After 30 minutes, pierced cake with a toothpick - it should be dry. Cool cake left directly on the form. Ready, he began about 4 inches in height. When cool, carefully open the form, helped a little knife and a wooden spatula to him "fall off". Cut in half. Cook said that the right cake stacked like this: bottom and top of sponge cake are in the middle of the cake. It is necessary for the correct form of cake, I understand.

3. Syrup prepared for impregnation. I do not like dry dough, so I decided it must permeate. To do this: in the pan poured 1.5 Art. water. Boil. Pour 1 tbsp there. sugar - afraid it will be sweet, but it turned out just right. Stirring occasionally, gave back to boil. Then down her cool. Meanwhile, squeeze two teaspoons lemon + rubbed on a fine grater little zest (but that is optional). In the saucepan to the cooled sugar water Add lemon juice, zest, and two spoonfuls of brandy (the benefit was an open bottle). They say you can add the wine, but she did not try. Ready to spoon syrup poured biscuit halves and proceeded to cook the cream.

4. Cream. 300 g butter, I really got out of the refrigerator in advance that it was soft. Threw it into the bowl. Slightly vzbila mixer. Started adding cooked, cooled down already! condensed milk. All at once is not necessary - the cream may be too liquid (everything depends on the consistency of cooked condensed milk. I have a spoon of condensed milk was).

As a result, I did add a whole jar of condensed milk. Mixer all vzbila, not very long to get oil from water is not moved away. If the cream all the same watery, you can thicken it in the fridge. Slightly more than half of the cream, I mixed with pre-chopped walnuts. Number of nuts adjust themselves, it all depends on how you like. Smeared this mass of the bottom layer of sponge cake, pre-laid on a plate for a cake. Additionally, a layer of cream laid out thinly sliced banana, or rather it took 2 bananas. Put him on top a second layer of sponge cake. The upper layer of sponge cake covered with a thin layer of cream (without nuts), that was a "hitch" with the fruit.

5. Prepared fruit. Cleaned and cut into thin rings 3 kiwis, 1 banana and 3 strawberries. It took just enough fruit to me. Again. adjust the number and type of fruit on their own.

6. Made of jelly. Bought the usual pack of jelly in the supermarket, just better to take a light color, so I chose a lemon. Yes, and coated biscuit well combined. Follow the instructions for its preparation. And placed directly into the pan in the refrigerator. It must reach a consistency of density, when it does not flow, but not yet completely frozen. If it is liquid, then drain on fruit. Will be very thick, it will not be the desired effect. If froze, you can just melt over low heat. Depending on the amount of water added to the jelly (smaller is faster) and the power of your refrigerator, thickening process takes between 15 minutes and above.

7. And until thickened jelly, fruit laid out on the top layer of cake. Spread more toward the outside to the center.

8. Skirtings. To make jelly covered fruit and does not flow, made creamy edging along the edge of the cake. To do this took an ordinary sheet of A4. Turned kulechkom as for seeds. Cut corner kulechka scissors. At the same time still cut off, making the indent to a side was beautiful. In a bag put the remaining cream and squeeze, making the board.

9. When I waited for the necessary condition jelly with a spoon "laid out / Break" (do not know how to describe it) it on top of fruit. In some places, bumpers passed jelly, then I strengthen them.

10. Remnants of the cream I already smeared on the edge of the cake.

11. Put the cake in the refrigerator. We had to wait to jelly and cream completely froze.

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