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Banana Cake / ბანანის ნამცხვარი

Cooking time: about 1 hour


2 eggs,

1 can of condensed milk,

250 g margarine

1 / 3 tsp soda

1 tbsp. l. honey

2 cups flour.


800 g sour cream

0.5 cups of sugar,

8 overripe bananas

You can add the cherries.

В В Instructions: This is my family holiday meal, from which all go crazy. The cake is not too high-calorie cream - no butter, but very hearty and receive more. Love to all, young and old! Try it and see for yourself! Yes, it is necessary to prepare before the presentation, because it has soaked, it's better if it is to stand in the refrigerator.)) (A refrigerator is very fragrant)

Beat eggs, add condensed milk, melted margarine (not hot, leave a bit to blur the form), baking soda to extinguish with melted honey and flour - to the point. bake from this number two cake, baked incredibly fast.

Cream: Whip cream with sugar. Each cake impregnated with wine, brandy and cream fluff, put sliced thin layers along the bananas (you can add a cherry) cover the next layer, etc. top to decorate.

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