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The Tower of Babel (honey cake) / თაფლის ნამცხვარი

Cooking time: 3 hours



250g honey (3 tablespoons)

150g butter

3-4 eggs

3 / 4 tbsp. sugar

2 tsp soda

100 g raisins and 8-9 pieces of dried apricots.

Lemon custard:

Cream 1.

500 ml of milk.

3 eggs.

3 tablespoons flour.

1 cup sugar.

150 g butter.

Vanilla sugar.

Cream 2.

75 g butter

2 eggs

150 g sugar

finely grated zest and juice of 1 lemon

В В Instructions:В

Dough for the honey cake I have long been doing just that and is always a good idea. A sour cream before doing, normal, now just live in another country where a good cream of the problem. So we had to come up with a little sour-lemon substitute custard. Title devised such as the cake turned out in greater height than in width and with an international filling:)

Dough: eggs with sugar, add honey, melted butter, baking soda (to pay off with vinegar or lemon juice), mix, put on a water bath, stirring all the time warming up to increase the height of a spoon handle. Remove from heat, gradually stirring add 2,5-3 cups flour (dough will be very thick cream, almost never rains). Add to batter steamed hot water raisins and apricots (apricots better cut).

After cooling, the dough divided into 3 parts and bake cakes in a buttered form at 150. Willingness to match or check the cakes with a toothpick. Each cake still warm cut in half and leave to cool.

Lemon custard.

Cream 1. Custard.

1. 250 g of milk + 3 eggs + 3 tbsp flour mix. First, mix the flour and a little milk to nebylo lumps, then dilute the remaining milk, add eggs and beat.

2. 250 g of milk + 1 tablespoon sugar to combine in a saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat.

3. In boiling mixture (2) pour the mixture (1), and bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Off, and without ceasing to stir a couple of minutes, add 150 g butter into cubes and vanilla sugar. Set aside to cool. At this time, do the second part of the cream.

Cream 2. Lemon (based on the famous Lemon Curd)

1. Put the butter in a bowl suitable for microwave. Cook in microwave mode High, until it melts.

2. Beat eggs with sugar and add to bowl with butter. Add lemon juice and lemon peel grated on a fine grater, cooking in the mode of high (or in a liquid) 5 min, reaching from the microwave and whisking every minute, until mixture thickens. Can be prepared and in a water bath, if there is no microwave. Combine both a cream and lemon-derived custard oil cakes.

I've done in each interlayer its stuffing but the cream: 1-walnuts, 2 strawberries, 3 - nuts, 4-banana, 5 nuts, and top decorated with blackberries, raspberries and nuts residues. But you can add any other fruit or just nuts. Also performed well, I think, you get with prune fruit instead.

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